Shipping & Handling Indicators

Shockwatch & TiltWatch shipping and handling indicators

Dry Pak Industries is a leading provider of Shockwatch & TiltWatch shipping and handling indicators. These Irreversible indicators are designed to alert customers when their valuable cargo has been mis-handled while in-transit or storage. A Shockwatch label should be placed on the outside of each carton, crate or pallet that contains impact vulnerable goods. The Shockwatch indicator labels provide an easy, cost-effective method to monitor shock and vibration inside your packaging while shipping anywhere in the world. Shockwatch labels and clips are available in multiple sensitivities ranging from 5 to 100 G-forces. The indicators are designed to display an irreversible color change when an omni-directional impact occurs to a shipment that has been mis-handled. In addition, these indicators serve as a warning notice to the trucking or courier company that this shipment must be handled with care. Many Dry Pak customers experience a dramatic reduction in shipping and handling damage shortly after implementing Shockwatch indicators into their shipping and packaging protocols.

Product Benefits:

  • Reduce product damage and loss incurred during transportation
  • Protect fragile, sensitive or calibrated goods while in-transit
  • Alert carriers that careful handling is mandatory - visual deterrent
  • Provide evidence that mis-handling occurred
  • Customer inspection time is reduced
  • Reduce time spent processing damage product claims with shipping companies and customers
  • Enhance image with customer, restores faith in your ability to delivery product safely
  • Tamper-proof
  • Easy-to-use adhesive backing requires no tools or assembly to install

Product Applications:

The Shockwatch and Tiltwatch shipping and handling indicators can apply to almost any product shipping situation including:

  • Semiconductor devices
  • Aerospace and Military Equipment
  • Automotive components
  • Glass products
  • Commercial appliances
  • Machinery
  • Lab equipment
  • Storage media
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • ShockWatch Impact indicators
  • Tilt Indicators
  • Impact Recorders
  • Companion Labels & Tape Program

ShockWatch Impact Indicators

Dry Pak’s ShockWatch Impact Indicators help prevent damage to fragile, sensitive, perishable, or calibrated goods without surrendering control of their handling. Prevent mishandling every step of the way with Dry Pak’s ShockWatch Impact Indicators. When placed directly on your goods or packaging, Dry Pak’s shock sensors detect and record impact and mishandling of all goods while in-transit. These cost effective, attention-getting devices act as a strong visual deterrent to unacceptable handling, no matter what you're shipping.

Available in 25G, 37.5G, 50G, 75G, and 100G Labels Shown.

Check out these documents to make selecting and using our indicators an easy process:

ShockWatch Impact Indicators

ShockWatch Tilt Indicators detect and record unacceptable tilting on goods that must remain upright. Removal of the adhesive backing activates the devices. Once applied to the shipping container, the product cannot be tipped without indisputable evidence of mishandling. The TiltWatch and the TiltWatch Plus are reliable and economical solutions to prevent damage to goods in transit.

TiltWatch: This indicator turns red if the product it is affixed to is tilted or completely upended – but remains unaffected by movement due to normal handling conditions and aircraft take-offs.

TiltWatch Plus: This indicator provides 360° monitoring – indicating the exact angle of tilt or whether complete overturn occurred.

Impact and Environmental Recorders

ShockWatch Impact and Environmental Recorders provide ongoing monitoring of the intensity and duration of shock and vibration to large stationary or moving equipment, structures, and storage environments. Tri-axial piezo-electric accelerometer technology is used to record impact direction, amplitude, and duration. Onboard sensors also record changes in temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

ShockLog: This device records the date and time of up to 400 events. Optional accessories include an environmental indicator, and a remote accelerometer to record shock and vibration in areas away from where the device is mounted.

Micro ShockLog: This device records the date and time of up to 128 events, in addition to peak values of impacts at user-specified intervals, Optional accessories include a humidity sensor.

ShockWatch Companion Label & Tape Program

A key element in the success of ShockWatch Impact Indicators is the companion tools available. Used in conjunction with the indicator labels, these tools include alert stickers, caution tape, posters, and supporting documentation. The complete product offering constitutes a highly effective damage reduction and prevention program.

Implementation of this damage prevention program provides psychological reinforcement of proper handling procedures and changes the behavior of material handlers. It provides a highly visible deterrent to mishandling throughout the supply chain.

This program is most successful with collaboration from the carriers: the shipping, warehousing, and packaging departments.

The ShockWatch program includes the following:
Alert Sticker:
Affixed to the Bill of Lading, it cautions the carrier and consignee that the shipment is monitored.
Companion Label:
Provides an additional visual warning and instructions on what to do if mishandling occurs.
Caution Tape:
Provides a visual warning against mishandling.
Provides communications to carriers and customer receiving docks on the program elements.
A ShockWatch representative will assess your specific requirements and work with you to develop strategies for success.
Ongoing Customer Support:
Dry Pak representatives are always available to assist you in defining your program and ensuring its success.

ShockWatch alert stickers and caution tape available separately.